Strategy 2030

We’ve refreshed and updated our Strategy 2030 to guide why, how and what we deliver.

Strategy 2030 (PDF 3.9 MB)


Six years ago, we began a bold and ambitious new phase in our organisation’s history.

We knew that our commitment to service delivery had been our strength for more than 110 years.

Clean, high quality drinking water and a world-class wastewater treatment system had kept our region healthy and safe.

Despite this record of achievement and motivated by significant and rapid change in the world around us, we wanted to  become an enabler of regional prosperity.

Through deep, genuine and ongoing engagement, we heard what our customers and community wanted from us in response to global challenges and developed Strategy 2030 to guide how we  lean in and help address these challenges in partnership with our customers and community, by leveraging the intrinsic value of our services to enhance the prosperity of our region.

Time for a refresh

Since the creation of Strategy 2030, we have seen how quickly and dramatically our world can change – from pandemic to droughts, bushfires to floods.  We know we need to be prepared for anything and agile enough to respond.

We have also seen the emergence of a new challenge around equity divides – our society is becoming increasingly intolerant of inequity and injustice in any form.

The original drivers and challenges remain: population growth and rapid technological advancements.

We have continued, through our engagement on Price Submission 2023-2028, to listen to our community.

So, six years on, we’ve taken stock of what we have achieved – and what we have left to do – as we strive to deliver the new paradigm we developed, defining the why, how and what for Barwon Water.

Our refreshed Strategy 2030 outlines our future commitments and investments to ensure affordability, water security, caring for the environment and reliable services. The implementation plan for Strategy 2030 has now been finalised after the Essential Services Commission made a final determination on our prices for 2023-28 in June 2023.

What we intend to deliver

The core of our promise to customers is reflected in the refreshed Strategy 2030 outcomes that we pledge to deliver:

Vector circular diagram showing Why we exist, How we work, and what we deliver

Safe, secure, sustainable water

  • As we face a hotter drier climate, we will support our growing region to be prosperous and sustainable, by securing enough water and building the infrastructure to meet all of our needs. We will strengthen water efficiency and shift to climate resilient water sources.

Innovative, reliable services

  • By listening to our customers and community, and by being forward thinking and technologically advanced, we will be innovative, continually improving, inclusive, caring and easy to deal with.

Healthier environment

  • We will apply a caring for country approach to our land and waterways in partnership with our Traditional Owners, other agencies and community members.
  • We will strive for zero emissions and generate useful products from what we used to call “waste”.

Trust, value and affordability

  • We will respond to the diverse needs and values of our customers and community and aim to be a valued and trusted leader; contributing positively to our region. We will actively support customers, keep bills affordable and resolve issues fairly.

For each Customer Outcome, we’ve developed aspirational goals that we plan to reach by 2030.

Vector graphic of our four Strategy 2030 outcomes.