Strategy 2030

Barwon Water has more than 110 years’ experience in providing excellence in water and sewerage services and infrastructure. This is what we do, and we will continue to do it well.

But how we do it is changing.

A new phase

We are moving from a utility service provider to an enabler of regional prosperity.

Barwon Water is proud of its long history of delivering safe and reliable water and wastewater services. Our vision and mission have been strongly tied to the safe and environmentally responsible delivery of services.

However, we also know we are more than a service delivery organisation to our customers. We know we play a significant role in the prosperity of the region and the wellbeing of the community.

We are in a time of significant and rapid change at global, national and regional scales. As a regional business, we need to be aware of these changes and understand the implications so we can continue to be a relevant and valuable organisation to our community.

Recognising the challenges of climate change, population growth, rapid technological advancement and economic transition, we are shifting our mindset from water utility to being a leader of the region’s prosperity.

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How we will deliver

To make the changes necessary to transition from a utility provider to an enabler of regional prosperity, we’ll be focusing our efforts across five key areas:

  • Strategic partnerships with our customers, industry, the community, agencies and internally across our organisation to identify, plan and deliver outcomes from high value opportunities and initiatives.
  • Climate change action by achieving zero emissions through our operations and systems.
  • Improved productivity through a goal of zero waste, driving us to optimise the benefits of our resources to help grow the regional economy and continuously improve our organisational processes and practices.
  • A more entrepreneurial mindset by driving a culture of innovation that proactively identifies and explores new commercial and community opportunities to harness water resources and core competencies for the best possible regional outcomes and customer value.
  • High performance by building a more diverse and accountable organisation where leadership is shared and inclusive to deliver outstanding value to our customers and community.

View Barwon Water’s Strategy 2030 (PDF 3.8 MB) and learn more about our commitment to customers and stakeholders, strategic directions, objectives and key milestones and actions.