Set to switch on solar in Torquay

16 Oct 2018

We’re set to plug in our latest solar project that will generate enough electricity to meet the needs of about 80 homes each year.

A 720-panel solar array will soon be connected on unused land next to our storage site on Grossmans Road, opposite the new 7-star ‘Salt’ residential development.

Barwon Water's managing director Tracey Slatter standing in front of SALT Torquay solar panels

The array will produce 370,000 kilowatt hours to help power our Torquay operations, with additional energy feeding into the grid.

It will reduce our electricity costs and – through selling surplus energy – will provide additional income to help keep customers’ bills low.

The solar initiative runs in parallel to the future development of new energy-efficient homes in the neighbouring Salt Torquay estate, constructed on the site of a former water basin. The array has been designed to allow a micro-grid that could one day integrate solar resources across the Salt Torquay estate and neighbouring properties.