Price submission 2018–2023

Victorian water corporations, including Barwon Water, are required to develop and submit pricing plans, every five years.

Our five-year plan outlines our proposed water and sewerage prices, service standards, infrastructure and operational investments for the regulatory period from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2023.

The plan was developed in partnership with our customers and community following 18 months of community conversations.

Our 2018–2023 submission was approved in June 2018 by the Essential Services Commission, the independent regulator of the water sector. The commission rated our submission as ‘advanced’, noting that it will deliver better value for customers.

Highlight of the plan include:

  • tripling financial support for customers in hardship to $2.5 million
  • allocating an extra $2.5 million for water efficiency programs
  • a strong capital works program, with $328.6 million on new and replacement infrastructure
  • a $15.4 million allocation for renewable energy projects. As well as taking strong action on climate change, investing in renewables reduces our energy costs so savings can be passed on to customers.

Essential Services Commission: Water price review 2018

Learn more at our dedicated microsite

We have a dedicated microsite for the 2018 Price Submission.

The site includes a comprehensive document library.

Your say: 2018 Price Submission

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Checking in: annual scorecard

As part of our Price Submission, we committed to:

  • continually involve our customers and community in our decision making
  • hold ourselves to account and honour what we said we would deliver
  • regular ‘check-ins’ with our customers and community to ensure their values are aligned with our service, and
  • ensuring our actions align with what our customers want us to do.

We are continuing to work towards delivering five service outcomes our customers told us they most valued and expected from their water and sewerage services.

  1. A reliable, secure water future for our region
  2. Timely, innovative services for our customers
  3. A healthier environment for all
  4. Deeper knowledge and partnerships with our community
  5. Affordability for all our customers

Our annual scorecards provides a snapshot of our performance against these outcomes.