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Water quality

We provide world-standard clean, safe drinking water. Our drinking water must meet the obligations under the Safe Drinking Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Regulations.

We provide safe, clean, healthy drinking water.

We provide safe, clean, healthy drinking water.


We must comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act. The Act:

  • requires us to prepare and implement plans to manage risks
  • provides for the auditing of those plans by approved auditors
  • requires us to ensure drinking water meets quality standards specified in the Safe Drinking Water Regulations
  • requires us to disclose water quality information. 

The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines are our benchmark. The guidelines specify:

  • health values — ensuring water is safe to drink
  • aesthetic values — ensuring water is acceptable in appearance, taste and odour



Water quality testing

We monitor and and maintain water quality from the catchment to the tap.

An independent laboratory undertakes testing.

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Water quality data

We publish summary water quality data quarterly, and detailed data annually in the drinking water quality report. 

  Drinking water quality report

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Water quality issues

Some customers may occasionally experience issues with their water quality.

Most issues are related to the aesthetic qualities of the water, and typically do not pose any health or safety threats.

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Fluoride is added to drinking water as directed by the Victorian Government and endorsed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The Geelong region's water supply has been fluoridated since June 2009.

Colac's water supply has been fluoridated since March 2010.

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Catchment management and protection

Our drinking water is harvested from catchments. Most of our catchments are in protected national parks, but some include pockets of private land.

Managing and protecting our catchments is essential to maintaining the quality of our drinking water.

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Comments, questions and enquiries

If you have comments or concerns about your drinking water, we urge you to contact a member of our water quality team. 

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