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Northern Water Plant

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A state-of-the-art water recycling facility build adjacent to the Geelong refinery is reducing Geelong's drinking water demand by around two billion litres a year.

The water recycling plant produces Class A recycled water suitable for industrial use in Geelong's northern suburbs.

The plant uses cutting-edge treatment technologies including biological treatment, ultra-filtration, and reverse osmosis.

Construction began on the plant in March 2011. It was officially opened in April 2013.



  • An immediate 2,000 million litre reduction in Geelong's drinking water use (equivalent to the water used in 10,000 homes).
  • High quality Class A recycled water will replace drinking water used by the Geelong refinery.
  • A 10% reduction in the volume discharged to the ocean at the Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant.


Location and appearance

The plant is built on industrial land adjacent to Station Street, Corio. The site borders crude oil storage tanks at the Geelong Refinery.

The construction site has been revegetated with indigenous plants, and is set back from the street to minimise visual impact.


How it works

The Northern Water Plant uses a biological treatment process to breakdown sewage. Naturally occuring microscopic organisms digest the sewage under ideal conditions.

The treated water is further refined through ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis systems, removing microscopic particles and resulting in high quality Class A recycled water. For more information see our videos, below.

Northern Water Plant: Ultrafiltration
Northern Water Plant: Reverse osmosis



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