Boundary Creek and Big Swamp remediation

The remediation of Boundary Creek and Big Swamp (Yeodene Swamp) was identified as a priority during the community consultation for the Barwon Downs borefield groundwater licence renewal.

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Recent technical work has confirmed that the operation of the Barwon Downs borefield over the past 30 years is responsible for two-thirds of the reduction of base flow into Boundary Creek, with dry climate accounting for the remaining third.

This suggests that the lower sections of Boundary Creek would likely have no-flow periods during summer regardless of groundwater pumping, however pumping has increased the frequency and duration of no-flow periods in lower reaches of Boundary Creek.


Community and stakeholder working group

Barwon Water has formed a community and stakeholder working group to develop a remediation plan for Boundary Creek and Big Swamp.

The group includes community and stakeholder representatives from the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority, Colac Otway Shire Council, Land and Water Resources Otway Catchment, People for a Living Moorabool, Upper Barwon Landcare Group, Boundary Creek landowners, Traditional Owners and community members.

The group will work together to assist Barwon Water in designing and implementing a remediation plan for the creek and Big Swamp, with the goal of returning the creek to a healthy ecosystem.



  • May 2018: Working group convenes to discuss proposed remediation concept and identify experts to review concept.
  • July 2018Working group meets again to hear from experts and explore alternate remediation options
  • August 2018: Working group submits key recommendations for the remediation plan to Barwon Water for consideration
  • September to November 2018: Barwon Water develops business case for the remediation plan.
  • November 2018: Barwon Water Board considers remediation plan business case.
  • 2019: Implementation of remediation plan.