Recycled water

Water recycled from sewage is a valuable resource with a range of uses across the commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential sectors.

Recycled water being used at the Torquay Sands golf course.

What is recycled water?

Recycled water is wastewater (residential sewage and industrial trade waste) treated and disinfected to a safe standard for beneficial reuse.

All of our water reclamation plants produce recycled water.

We do not refer to stormwater or domestic greywater as recycled water.


Recycled water is classified into four classes, depending on its treatment level and reuse opportunities.

  • Class D recycled water is the lowest grade, and can be used to irrigate non-food crops such as turf, timber or flower lots. We do not produce Class D recycled water at any of our treatment facilities.
  • Class C recycled water is suitable for a range of uses, including irrigating food crops, sporting facilities, sporting grounds, golf courses and more. All of our water reclamation plants currently produce Class C recycled water or better.
  • Class B recycled water may also be used for livestock drinking, cattle grazing and wash-down water. The Anglesea Water Reclamation Plant produces Class B recycled water.
  • Class A recycled water is fit for human contact, but not suitable for drinking, bathing or swimming. The Black Rock Recycled Water Plant and the Northern Water Plant produce Class A recycled water.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) regulates recycled water production and use. In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services must also endorse Class A recycled water use.



Recycled water is a key element in securing our future water supply.

Increased use of recycled water reduces our reliance on drinking water.

Recycled water is a renewable resource continually replenished through our sewerage system

Recycled water:

  • is not subject to water restrictions
  • is cheaper than drinking water
  • is always in supply, regardless of climate or population factors
  • reduces the volumes discharged at ocean outfalls
  • reduces the demand on other water sources.



Recycled water in our region

Our water reclamation plants currently produce recycled water by a combination of mechanical and biological processes.

In our region, Class C recycled water is currently used for a range of purposes, including:

  • irrigating golf courses, sporting grounds and public open spaces
  • irrigating vineyards, hydroponic tomatoes, potatoes and other crops
  • irrigating turf and flower farms
  • dust suppression for road works and major construction works.

Residents, businesses, public spaces and sporting grounds in the Armstrong Creek and Torquay North estates have a dedicated ‘purple pipe’ to deliver Class A recycled water for approved uses such as flushing toilets, washing vehicles and watering gardens and lawns.