Price submission rated as 'advanced' by Essential Services Commission

The Essential Services Commission – the independent economic regulator of the water industry – today released its draft determination on Barwon Water’s 2018 Price Submission.

The commission rated our submission as ‘advanced’, noting that it will deliver better value for customers.

This reflects our commitment to minimising bill impacts and improving our service levels, as identified by our customers through a deep and genuine 18-month community engagement program.

The draft determination also acknowledges our target of $19 million in cost savings – one of the highest in the industry.

Key actions from our submission include:

  • giving residential customers greater control over their bills by increasing the relative proportion of water usage charges.
  • more support for financially vulnerable customers
  • timely notice of water supply interruptions
  • programs to help customers use water more efficiently.

Barwon Water will consider the commission’s draft decision and provide a response by 8 May 2018.

Customers can review the submission and provide feedback via the Essential Services Commission’s website .

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