Management and Board

Our Board sets strategic directions, policy and goals for management. These must meet our obligations under the Water (Governance) Act.


Board of Directors

Our Board comprises 8 non-executive directors and the Managing Director. The Board is appointed by the Minister for Water. The Board appoints the Managing Director.

The Board meets monthly, except January, and at other times as required. Executive team members also attend.  

Jo Plummer Chair
Tracey Slatter Managing Director
Elaine Carbines Director
John Gavens Director
Jodi Heath Director
Rebecca Leonard Director
Christopher Lovell Director
Jason Mifsud Director 
Bernard Walsh Director

  Board director profiles



Executive leadership team

The executive leadership team comprises the Managing Director, four general managers and one executive manager.

Tracey Slatter Managing Director
Melissa Stephens General Manager Customers and People
Michael Watson General Manager Business Services and Company Secretary
Paul Northey General Manager Infrastructure Services
Carl Bicknell General Manager Strategy and Planning
Cassie Milner Executive Manager Media and Communications (Acting)



More information

For more detail on our Board structure, management and director profiles, please refer to our Annual Report.

  Annual Report