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Community support

Barwon Water is a proud sponsor of our local community. Our community support program promotes clean, safe drinking water and water conservation.

We support sporting clubs, community events, schools, not-for-profit organisations, surf lifesaving clubs, cafés and restaurants within our service region.



Community groups and not-for-profit organisations: water bottles

We supply plastic water bottles to community and not-for-profit organisations for community events within our service region.

The bottles are 800 mL silver-coloured plastic bottles. They are BPA-free, fully recyclable and Australian made.

Organisations may apply for bottles once per calendar year.



Community events: "Hydration Stations"

We have two mobile hydration stations (previously known as "mobile drinking fountains") available for large-scale public events.

The hydration stations are subject to availability and eligibility criteria, including:

  • Your event must attract at least 1,000 people.
  • Your event must be within Barwon Water's service region.
  • The hydration station must be connected to our water supply system (it cannot be connected to a private line or a tanker).
  • We require at least 4 weeks' notice for all bookings.
  • Preference will given to community, not-for-profit and charity events.

  Hydration Station application form (PDF 46 KB)



Sporting teams: drink bottles

We provide special 'squirt top' bottles to local football, netball, cricket, basketball and other local sporting teams. These bottles are designed to be shared. They should be retained by the club, not individual players.

The 800 mL bottles are BPA-free, fully recyclable and Australian made.

Please note:

  • We supply bottles once per calendar year only. We therefore ask clubs to submit a single application that covers all their teams, divisions, etc.
  • Applications must be submitted by a club office bearer.
  • Drink bottles are available only to clubs within Barwon Water's service region.



Sporting teams: showerhead exchange

We invite local sporting clubs to swap their old showerheads for our water-saving ones, cutting water and energy use, and saving money.

Please note:

  • Clubs can exchange showerheads once only.
  • Only clubs within Barwon Water's service region are eligible to participate.

Showerhead exchange application form: sporting clubs (PDF 12 KB)



Restaurants and cafés: glass bottles

If you serve drinking water to your patrons, we can provide 1 litre glass bottles. Contact us to apply.

Please note:

  • We supply glass bottles once per calendar year.
  • To be eligible, your establishment must be open to the general public and serve free tap water to your customers.
  • To be eligible, your establishment must be with Barwon Water's service region, and connected to Barwon Water's supply.



Schools: water bottles for preps

As part of our education program, we provide special 600 mL bottles to prep students at the start of the school year.

These bottles are BPA-free, fully recyclable and Australian made.

Note: only schools within our service region are eligible.

  More on our education program, including water bottles for prep students



Surf life saving clubs: equipment

Our region encompasses the famous surf coast and is home to 12 surf life saving clubs.

We provide clubs in our service region with essential lifesaving equipment on a rotational basis.

Club office bearers can contact us for more information.